We may have closed the doors of our physical location, but our enthusiasm for Italian food and wine remains undiminished!  To that end, we have updated our format and are including more content than ever.  In addition, we are moving the blog to:


Take some time to look around and see what’s new:


  • Subscriptions.  If you’ve previously subscribed to our blog at this address, you’ll need to re-register, using one of the colorful buttons to the right.  You may subscribe via RSS, e-mail, facebook, or twitter.
  • Blogroll.  We’re expanded our blogroll and will continue to do so, offering other bloggers whom we find interesting.
  • Food Links.  We’ve added an expanding list of links to websites that sell food or organizations we support, such as Eat Wild and American Farmers’ Markets.
  • Italian News.  These English-language websites provide information from and about Italy, whether it be News, Business, Travel, Sports, The Arts, Food & Wine, or Entertainment.
  • Italian Marketplace.  We’ve entered into a partnership with Amazon to bring you an assortment of items – from books on Italian art, cooking, history, design, nutrition, and wine – to useful kitchen gadgets, food, music, DVDs, operas, and documentaries.  We’re still stocking the shelves and organizing the store, but it’s open for browsing!  Click the link at the upper right corner of the website to check it out
  • Recipes, Techniques, and Italian Cooking Fundamentals.  We will be sharing our cooking knowledge with posts of our own and also those we like from all over the web.

Link to the new website and visit often!  As always, we appreciate any comments you may have.